4th International Symposium on Diffraction Structural Biology 2013
revised date : 12 May 2013


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Exhibition hours
26 May (Sun.) 15:45-18:30;   27 May (Mon.)  9:00-18:30;    28 May (Tue.)  9:00-18:30
Exhibition room : 2nd Exhibition Hall (3rd floor)

 Booth No.   Exhibitors   
 2 Department of Picobiology, Graduate School of Life Science, University of Hyogo  
 3 Grant-in-Aid, Innovative area, "Motility Machinery"  
 4 Protein Data Bank Japan  
 5 Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.  
 6A Confocal Science Inc.  
 6B Maruwa Foods and Biosciences, Inc.  
 8 RAYONIX, L.L.C.  
 9 Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.  
 10A  SOSHO, Inc.  
 12 Sysmex Corporation  
 13 Ibaraki Prefectural Government  

 ランチョンセミナー(Sponsored Lunch Seminar)案内
       27 May (Mon) 12:30 – 13:30 at Meeting room No. 3 (4th floor)
Agilent Technology Seminar

How could we do better in-house diffraction experiments? Our approaches

Xrd department of Agilent Technology is originated as Oxford Diffraction, specializing in single crystal diffractometer for small and macro molecules and launched our field operation in Japan on November 2012. In our products, all core technologies including precision mechanics, cryogenics, CCD detectors, electronics, and software are developed in-house.

In this seminar, we would like to introduce our comprehensive approaches to obtain high quality datasets for precise structure analyses as quick as possible with minimizing complexities of the researchers. Several results including our simple sulfur-SAD experiments employing our diffractometer will be discussed. We also would like to introduce our unique approaches to screen ‘intact’ protein crystals sealed on the commercially available screening plates by using optical images and by spotting X-ray beam on each crystals and/or objects chose on the optical image.

We are also paying our attention for challenging samples and will soon launch our diffractometer that equips our new ultra-compact, high flux X-ray source based on Agilent’s patented ‘GV’ technology. We would like to introduce our latest approaches and also our wide portfolio to assist structural biology studies.

Takashi Sato, Agilent LifeScience Square, Lab. Solutions [LS2],
e-mail; takashi.satow@agilent.com, http://www.agilent.com